Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

Although we work directly for the client, the client does not pay the fee for our services. Only the boats that are suitable for the nature of your event, the size of your group, and your personal taste will be recommended and discussed. We receive our payment from the boat of your choice.

What is a yacht charter?

A yacht charter is a party, event, or milestone celebration aboard a private luxury yacht that has a fun, festive, and glamorous atmosphere. Each yacht in our fleet has its own unique charm, and what they share in common is delicious cuisine prepared fresh onboard in the ship�s galley by an Executive Chef. Each luxury yacht also provides a professional and friendly wait staff, as well as a Coast-Guard-trained and Certified captain and marine staff.

Sightseeing all the New York City area historical landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, while sailing down the Hudson Harbor is what makes a yacht charter event unique.

Because your event is on a private yacht, you choose the menu, when you prefer to board and sail, and the dock location from several convenient points in New York and New Jersey. This means that you get to choose where the boat will sail from, when the boat will sail and return, when and where the cocktail hour takes place (rooftop or cocktail lounge), and what type of service you�d like (plated, buffet, or cocktail reception.)

The entire event is customized to suit your needs. We can assist with flowers, photographer, music, entertainment, casino and most anything else to ensure the perfect yacht charter.

I�ve never done this before � is it hard to plan a party on a yacht?

We make it extremely easy to plan your event aboard a luxury yacht, with all-inclusive packages that take care of all your needs. We relieve any event planning anxiety by holding your hand from beginning to end. We are always available to answer your questions.

How do I know which yacht is the perfect one for my event?

We have more than 15 years of experience in assisting our clients with their yacht selection . We discuss with you the nature of your event, how many guests you anticipate, and the goal of the event. Based on your answers, we share with you the menus, pricing and pictures of the yachts that are right for you. After we narrow down your best yacht options, we will arrange tours of your preferred yachts. Each has its own unique charm. After seeing them in person, you�ll know right away which is the best boat for you.

What about all the details?

It�s easy to plan an event on a luxury yacht. Each ship provides high-quality linens, chairs, china, glassware, silverware, wait and marine staff. The experienced staff sets up the yacht according to your specifications, serves your guests, and cleans up once the party is over.

With our guidance, you get to do the fun part: selecting the perfect yacht, reviewing menu and beverage options, as well as deciding the timing of boarding and sailing, and if you�d like to depart from New York or New Jersey. If you�d like anything else for your cruise event, just ask�we can assist you with all your needs as a one-stop-shop.

What type of events are usually held on yachts?

Yacht events range from upscale and elegant�to fun and relaxed. In over 15 years of planning events, we have seen all types of events held on a yacht, including corporate events (from client entertainment and new product launch to team-building and employee recognition), weddings , anniversaries, reunions and special milestone celebrations , fundraisers , galas , school proms and project graduations . Any event you can hold on land is one that can be held on a yacht�with added fun and novelty to make your event shine.

How long does a party on a yacht last?

Most yachts sail a minimum of 3 hours�with a half-hour boarding time�and a half-hour disembarking time. So it�s a 4 hour event with 3 hours of cruising time. If you prefer a longer sailing period, we can arrange it for you.

Where does the ship sail?

Our ships cruise the East and Hudson Rivers, past the lit-up skyscrapers of Manhattan, including the Empire State Building. You'll also see the Intrepid, Ellis Island, Colgate Clock, Brooklyn Bridge, South Street Seaport, Governor�s Island and Battery Park City. Of course, the highlight of the cruise is the Statue of Liberty, where the boats will pause for photo opportunities.

What kind of food is served?

The cuisine on yachts is similar to the best land restaurants�just on water. The executive chefs can accommodate any dietary request, such as vegetarian, vegan, kosher and allergies. Buffet service, sit-down service, cocktail receptions, lunches and brunches are the most popular choices.

Can I have my own caterer?

All of our yachts provide excellent catering, however, if you prefer your own caterer, it would be allowed as long as the caterer is an insured professional. In most cases, an outside caterer must supply their own prep and service equipment, supplies and service staff.

How far in advance should I book my yacht charter?

As early as possible would ensure that your preferred date is available on the yacht of your choice. However, because we have so many yachts in our fleet, we have been known to put together wonderful events in as little as 2 weeks!

How much will an event on a yacht charter cost?

Cost is determined by many factors, including the type of yacht selected, number of guests, selected package and the time of year for your event. We thoroughly walk you through the selection process by sharing menus and pictures of yachts that match your criteria�keeping you informed with an exact break-down of cost. And you can relax seeing how affordable an event on a luxury yacht is.

Is parking available at all the docks from where the boats sail?

Parking is close-by and convenient at all of the dock locations.

Free on-site parking is available at Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club in Weehawken and Perth Amboy Marina. There is a small fee for on-site parking at Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey City and paid parking across from the Hoboken pier.

On-site paid parking is available at all the NY and Outer Boroughs, Long Island, Westchester and Connecticut marinas.

Is there a private room where I can relax?

Most yachts have a private VIP suite onboard for your comfort and privacy.

Where can I have my overnight guests stay after the party?

The boats sail from conveniently located departure points. Some hotels have their own dock, while others are right across the street. There are hotels located in the marina itself and within walking distance, while others are in close proximity.

How early can my vendors set up?

Your musical entertainment and other vendors are allowed onboard 2 hours prior to sailing and can make arrangements to come aboard earlier if necessary.

What is your smoking policy?

Smoking is not allowed on the interior decks, however, smoking is permitted on all outer decks.

Is it possible to have my event on the yacht without it sailing?

Taking advantage of all sights that the Hudson Harbor has to offer is part of the special experience of a yacht event. However, you�re certainly welcome to choose a dockside event if that better suits your needs. You will still have the unique setting of a yacht on the Hudson Harbor, as well as the convenience of a waterfront restaurant and a memorable experience.

Do you sail in rainy weather?

Absolutely. Our ships are fully enclosed and climate-controlled with centralized heat and air conditioning for maximum comfort. We sail�rain or shine�365 days a year. Most weather will not affect the cruising conditions. In the event of severe winds, the Captain will make a well-informed decision to sail or remain at the dock for the duration of an event. The safety of the passengers is always the primary concern.

Will I get seasick?

The ships sail on calm sheltered harbor waters. The yachts are extremely stable�regardless of their size. They are specifically designed to be comfortable in all kinds of weather conditions, and are fully climate controlled for year-round parties and events.

If you are still uneasy, we recommend a homeopathic remedy that has not failed any of our guests in 15 years; candied ginger. It really helps to settle the stomach. You can also wear a bracelet that presses on the pressure points as a form of acupressure.

Is Gratuity included for the crew?

Gratuity is not included for the crew of your event. Gratuities are discretionary but suggested and appreciated. Each yacht has a high level of uniformed professional staff on board who takes pride in the quality and effort of their service. You are welcome to offer a gratuity at the end of the cruise, or it can be conveniently included in your contract.